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1. Finish the following dialogue with these words:
of What it Where
Ali: (1) is this ?
Wael: It is a T-shirt.
Ali: What is it made (2) ?
Wael: It is made of cotton.
Ali: Is (3)new?
Wael: Yes, it is

(couldnt old said say)
Inas: Is that a photograph of you ?
Rabab: Yes, I was eleven months(1).
Inas: Could you talk?
Rabab: No, I (2) but I could walk.
Inas: What could you(3)..?
Rabab: I could say one or two words.

wood guitar what made
Hassan: Is this your .(1). ?
Murad: Yes, it is.
Hassan: What's it .(2). of ?
Murad: It's made of .(3).

many please fine - much
Shady: How are you , Shady?
Sherif: I'm (1), thanks.
Shady: Would you like to have tea?
Sherif: Yes, (2)..
Shady: How (3). sugar do you need?
Sherif: little.

recycles -waste model recycle
Sara: We can ..(1) paper and plastic bottles.
Fatin: Yes, we shouldnt (2) things.
Sara: We should use them to make new things.
Fatin: We can take these to our English club.
Sara: I want to make a (3)..

so head teacher - because certificate
Medo: What is this ?
Hamada: It is a (1) .
Medo: Who gave it to you?
Hamada: The (2) gave it to us.
Medo: Why?
Hamada: (3) our class won a prize for a recycling project.

dress Heba's Heba like
Mona: Would you like to go to (1).. birthday party?
Manal: Yes, please . When is it?
Mona: It's on Friday.
Manal: what would you(2). to wear?
Mona: My purple (3)..
Manal: Ok.

Where will Who at
Hend: will go to the doctor?
Hanaa: Ahmed .
Hend: Why he go?
Hanaa: Because he is very ill.
Hend: When will he go?
Hanaa: He'll go seven o'clock.

Where cheese What dropped
Shefaa: Did you read the crow story?
Hoda : No, what happened?
Shefaa: The fox saw a piece of in the crow's beak.
Hoda : did the fox do?
Shefaa: He asked the crow to sing.
Hoda : Did the crow sing?
Shefaa: No, when he opened his beak, he the cheese and the fox ate it .

country China city atlas
Nada: Let's use the (1) to find important information.
Israa: That's a good idea.
Nada: Where does the oldest woman live?
Israa: In (2)
Nada: What is the biggest (3)in Africa?
Israa: It is Sudan.

[How many When visited capital]
Ali: -------- did you visit Sudan?
Father: I visited Sudan last year.
Ali: What is the ---------- of Sudan?
Father: Khartoum.
Ali: ------------- countries border Sudan?
Father: Nine countries.

Choose the correct answer from a, b or c:
Teacher: How do you go to school?
Pupil: ------------------------------
a) At eight o'clock. b) On foot. c) With my friends.
Sara: --------------------------------?
Sally: It's made of leather.
a) What's your pen made of? b) What's your desk made of?
c) What's your jacket made of?

Teacher: ------------------------------?
Pupil: I always do my homework in the evening.
a) How often do you do your homework? b) Why didn't you do your home work? c) Who helps you with your homework?

Teacher: Could you read English when you were six?
Ali: -------------------------
a) Yes, I can. b) No, I can't. c) Yes, I could.

Hani: --------------------------------------?
Ali: Khartoum is the capital of Sudan?
a) Where's Sudan? b) What's the capital of Sudan? c) How many countries border Sudan?
Mona: When were you born?
Sara: ---------------------------
a) in 1948. b) In Cairo. c) Yes. I was
Sara: Do you know Ahmed Orabi?
Dina: -----------------------
a) Yes, I am. b) Yes, I did. c) Yes, I do.

Teacher: Are there mountains in Egypt?
Pupil: ---------------------
a) Yes, there is. b) Yes, are there. c) Yes, it is.
Ali: ------------------------------------?
Tamer: My aunt.
a) Who sent you a present? b) When did he send it? c) What's it?

Wael: Who will get second prize for maths?
Walid: a. Huda b. mechanic c. Lion.

 Fahd: a. What will Gamila get first prize for?
a- What will Gamil get first prize for? b. What will they get first prize for?
c- Fayed: He will get first prize for maths.
Karima: How much sugar do you want?
Mom: a. Two tubes. b. Two packets. c. two kilos.

Ahmed: a. How much flour do you need?
b. How many apples do you need?
c. How often do you play the piano?
Alaa: I need four.

Mum: a. What are you doing?
b. How do you do?
c. Why do you collect old paper and bottles?
Esraa: To recycle them in the English club.

 Salma: What's the biggest country in the world?
Soha: a. Egypt b. England c. Russia

 Akram: What should we do with these?
Ashraf: a. Yes, we should. b. We should make models c. No, we shouldnt

 Belal: Would Sami like to play Tennis?
Basim: a. He would like to play.
b. Yes, he would.
c. No, he couldnt.
 Saad: Would you like to go to the football match?
Said: a. Yes, please. When is it? b. I'd like to sleep c. on foot.

 Salwa: Could you walk when you were one?
Samia: a. I could walk. b. I couldnt walk. c. No, I couldnt but I could smile.

Boshra: What's it made of ?
Bassant: a. It's made of cotton.
b. They're made of cotton.
c. It's made in Japan.
Tharwat: a. How long do you play ?
b. How often do you play the guitar?
c. How do you play the guitar?
Usama: I always play at the weekend.

 A: Is your jacket made of cotton?
B: a. Thirty-one pounds.
b. No, it's expensive.
c. No, it's made of leather.

 A: Could you read when you were three?
B: a. Yes, I can. b. No, but I could talk. c. No, I can't.

 Fady: Why couldnt Ammar El Sherie see?
Farid: a. because he was deaf. b. because he was poor. c. because he was blind.

Ziad : Why was the crow foolish?
Walid : ---------------------------------------------------------------
a. Because he sang well. b. Because the fox caught him.
c. Because he couldnt sing and dropped the cheese.

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